Coffey Land Developers & Construction

"You pay for pretty."

Buyer & Sellers of Land

We have land available and always looking to purchase.  Parcels can be tailored to suit your building needs.  Competitive financing available.


New construction , renovations or custom additions, we're here for you.  Customers love us because we give everyone that extra-special personal touch.

Let us make your dream home a reality.


We offer site development packages when available, which include underground utility service, excavation and rough grading, finish grading, concrete services and/or asphalt paving.  Along with our affiliates, we can serve construction demands in the commercial industry throughout the state of North Carolina and South Carolina.

Coffey Land Developers & Construction provides a full array of general contracting services. Our construction company works closely with architects and engineers in the beginning stages of the planning process and implementation of construction projects. Using this integrated “team” approach, Lockwood Construction is able to control cost, quality, scheduling, and provide timely delivery, ensuring the success of the project. As the general contractor, we believe it is crucial to develop a close relationship with every individual involved in the project to ensure a smooth and timely delivery.

At Coffey Land Developers & Construction, we take the quality of our work personally. We take pride in what we build. We believe maintaining the highest standards is everyone’s responsibility. From planning, design and scheduling to materials, construction and environmental practices, we build care and quality into every step. We are mindful of the needs of our intended clientele and place high value on our network of local subcontractors. We partner with companies who are capable, reliable and share our commitment to serving our client’s interests and needs. Subcontractors and suppliers are a critical component of our overall success and that of our projects. It’s what our clients and community deserve and how we have built a reputation for delivering exceptional value.

Our promise

On Time

We work hard to meet timelines and planned completion dates.

Yes, we all know thing happen. Weather events; supply chain shortages, labor, etc.  At Coffey LD&C we painstakingly do everything we can to mitigate (if not eliminate) these issues.

Quality Build

Quality is our hallmark!

We value our relationship with you and hope to work with you on future projects. It’s our goal to become your go-to contractor by delivering an unbeatable experience.

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Telephone:             (704) 274-3702


Office Address:      3540 Toringdon Way  Suite 200 Charlotte, NC

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